Multiple Animation Events Parameter Mecanim

Hi all,

with the animation events in Mecanim I can use float, int and a string. Is it possible to commit two integers to a script?

function Swing( damage : int, staminaCost : int) {
  // do stuff...

I would like to call this funtion with an animation event and I don’t really want to use a float as my second parameter.

Not sure I understand but given the function is swing I’m guessing you want to swing a weapon, play the swing weapon animation and pass back values.

In Mecanim you could create a bool, for example, isSwinging and set a transition to the play swingSword animation to play if true. Set the transition to go back to whatever animation you were on before on exit time and somewhere between those two events SetBool(“isSwinging”, false); so it doesn’t loop over and over.

You don’t need to pass damage or staminaCost to Mechanim at all, for that you could either reference the script that deals with damage etc. and call the function to change the damage by int amount or broadcast a message and have a listener within that script.

e.g. in C# for referencing the script on another GameObject:

private GameObject enemy;

public EnemyHealth healthScript;

void Awake()


enemy = GameObject.FindGameObjectWuthTag(“Enemy”);

healthScript = enemy.GetComponent LESSTHAN EnemyHealth GREATERTHAN ();


Then in the swing reference the AdjustHealth with the following:


Of course the -10 would be better as a variable but, hopefully, it’s clear enough.

The EnemyHealth is what my script is called so replace that with your script name and the LESSTHAN GREATERTHAN need replacing for the symbols (they get stripped out as HTML tags on here).

Hope that makes sense.