multiple animations on one object

Hey guys

I’m working on a game in unity that involves a skier hitting a jump and doing a trick. To do so I need 2 animations running at same time but not stopping each other or changing each other. One animation is the move down hill animation where the character slides down the slope, hits the jump and continues on. The next is an animation for the trick.

I’ve been making animations in 3ds Max and exporting the fbx. Except in doing so there is only 1 animation attached. How can I just export my skier character and then make animations for him to play? And how can I play the trick and move animation together.

Use Mecanim and animation blending.

See this tutorial:

I don’t know the specifics but in your movement script you will require this piece of script
it may need editing but here is what I came up with

void animation ()
if (where ever you are in the world)
{ (Name of animation)
if (where ever you are in the world)
{ (Name of animation

some minor adjustments may be needed but hope this helps