Multiple cameras such as in MarioCart

How would I make it so that my game can have multiple different players like in Mario Cart so that there are 4 cameras running at the same time?

You’re right, in the splitscreenmode, there’re 4 cams at the same time. Each cam is set up to a different “Normalized View Port Rect”. You just have to set each cam to the right value in the camera settings. Since every cam takes just a quarter of the whole screen, you need every cam to have W: 0.5 and H: 0.5. The only different thing is the X and Y of every camera(not the position, the view port!)

So, make the following:

  • Cam_1 View Port Rect: “X:0 Y:0”
  • Cam_2 View Port Rect: “X:0.5 Y:0”
  • Cam_3 View Port Rect: “X:0 Y:0.5”
  • Cam_4 View Port Rect: “X:0.5 Y:0.5”