Multiple classes inside each other

Hi, I recently started with classes and I have one question. I made class variable, so I can manage it in inspector. I wanted to look it nice so I made few classes inside that class to create some groups for similar variables. It´s working okay, but I´m worried, that those multiple classes will decrease performance. Is that possible?

var something : First;

function Update()
	//Using variable from second class
	something.position.x_Position += 1;

class First
	class Position
		var x_Position : float;
		var y_Position : float;	
	class Size
		var x_Size : float;
		var y_Size : float;	
	var hasFixedSize : boolean;
	var position : Position;
	var size : Size;
	var header : String;
	var style : int;

No it’s fine - it has a very small impact, but not one to worry about unless you happen to be accessing them millions of times in a loop or something.