Multiple compiler errors ..unresolvable...need advice on how to salvage program

So I am pretty far along in my game, and all of a sudden it started acting up with several: “MULTIPLE PRECOMPILED ASSEMBLY WITH SAME NAME” errors. These are apparently related to the various plugins, which I have tried time after time to reimport/restart/reinstall Unity. Anyways, I am about fed up being so close to finishing my game and I want to know with the SCENES and the SCRIPTS, is there anyway I can salvage my program? I mean is there a proper way that I can create an empty project and import the scenes/script ?? … Thanks.


Hi there,

Before we send your project to the great beyond, salvaging what little we can while the fruits of your strenuous labor are moved to the dark quiet corners of your HDD (or SSD), let’s try a couple of things.

We can start with the package manifest. Since you’re saying your issue is probably caused by plugins you added recently, and I imagine you can’t access the package manager in Unity, you can navigate to Unity Projects/Project Folder/Packages/manifest.json and remove the packages you’ve installed from the file.

An alternative, if you don’t know or remember which packages to remove, is to create a new project and copy over a new manifest.

If this doesn’t fix it let me know we’ll keep digging.