Multiple concurrent command line builds?

I need to use Unity to create builds for many platforms from command line. Furthermore, I need to be able to create multiple builds concurrently (on a server, multiple build requests from multiple clients, don’t ask why :P). Is it possible in Unity? Is it possible to be building more than one build at the same time? If so, how?

possible but tricky : 1 create one folder for each build , beside your original project folder 2 create symbolic link of your original folder content inside each folder ( symbolic links can be made by python script or using symlink shell extension on windows for example ) do not create any link for those generated during the build : library , temp , bin etc … run the comandline build with the appropriated folder arg (symlinked folders to the original ) depending on what you build exactly its possible to symlink the metadatabase in library or shadercaches etc … i use this hack with jenkins to speed up mine … ,