Multiple Controller Issue (They only work if both controllers are inputting something)

So I have a local coop game that uses two xbox controllers

In the editor everything works perfectly, both controllers control the different players correctly and it all works as I want it to.
After I build the game and run it, I get no input from the controllers at all, that is until I start using both of them, then it works perfectly.
For example if controller 1 is trying to move with the analog stick nothing happens. When controller 2 also starts using the analog stick (Now both controllers are trying to move) the controls work…

I’m so confused by this issue, if anyone could help I’m happy to provide code/inputs and all that

Found a fix

For some reason when I launch my game with controllers plugged in it causes this bug. But if I unplug them both and plug them back in it works.

Would still like some info on this if anyone knows? Thanks