Multiple editor windows in MonoDevelop

Is there a way MonoDevelop can display two files at once, so I can edit both of them simultaneosly? (For example for comparing the files, moving code from one to the other editor window.)

It works in the latest version of monodevelop. Drag and drop a tab and it will open a new split screen view of that tab (works in monodevelop 5.9.6). Or menus View|Editor Layout|2 Columns or … Ctrl Shift 2 (and Ctrl Shift 1 to go back).

BTW - with the version of mono packaged with Unity5, right clicking on a tab and ‘Move to next notebook’ allows you to open it in another screen in mono. Found it on accident! On OSX, thats CMD + opt + →

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No, it’s not possible. According to a MonoDevelop mailing list discussion, it’s been on the TODO list, but not trivial to implement. Since Unity isn’t even using the current MD version, I’d expect that it’ll be quite some time until split view editing becomes available (if ever).

You can do this but not the way we all really want. Try this:

  1. Use spotlight search to open the folder MonoDevelop is in.
  2. Duplicate
  3. Name the duplicate something like

Now you can open a second instance of MonoDevelop and open the same solution (I use Spotlight search to open it. It seems to work fine. If you edit a file and save it, and switch to the other instance, it just updates. No annoying “changed on disk” messages, etc.

not possible??? weird… monodevelop used to open mutliple instances ALL THE TIME when i didnt want it to… and now that i do you say its not possible lol

for windows try search the monodevelop and just run it.

For Mac:

To open an entirely new window while you have another MonoDevelop window open, open Terminal and enter:

open -na monodevelop

A new MonoDevelop window should open! I believe this works if MonoDevelop is in your ‘Applications’ folder.


@ChiefSpruce for his answer on opening multiple Unity projects at one time (Open Multiple Unity Projects Simultaneously - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions).

Hope this helps!

For windows : Right click on your mono develop IDE in the task bar 110883-image.png and click MonoDevelop .Hope it helps :slight_smile: