Multiple eventsystem in scene... this is not supported error

Hi unity users
I translate this article with the help of google translation, so it may be problematic in writing.

Every time I start the game I get the error in the title I created 4 scenes and in 3 the event system is needed because the buttons do not work when I eject the event system.

How can I solve this problem?

Just make sure there’s only one EventSystem in your scene at a time. One is all you need. Chances are you’ve marked one with DontDestroyOnLoad(), so when you load new scenes you end up with multiple.

Instead of having one EventSystem saved in each scene, have a script in each scene that only creates an event system if one doesn’t exist.

For Example:

public class EventSystemSpawner : MonoBehaviour 
	void Start()
		EventSystem sceneEventSystem = FindObjectOfType<EventSystem>();
		if (sceneEventSystem == null)
			GameObject eventSystem = new GameObject("EventSystem");

Hopefully this comes through the translation.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile: FlyingHighUp