multiple formfields, how does php recieve the data?

I am sending a form with 2 fields to a php script.
Something is not working, how do I mimic the data send from the game to the php script?
(I want to test the php script without having to start up the game every time)

This does not work to see how the form data looks like:

    var form = new WWWForm();
    Debug.Log ( form.ToString() );

I know for a single form field the url looks like this:

But how does it look when there is more then one field?

Unity :

var form	= new WWWForm();
form.AddField ( "formfield1", value1 );
form.AddField ( "formfield2", value2 );

I tried these urls:,?formfield2=value2,formfield2=value2

The Url syntax would look like this

The “?” starts the string and variables are separated with “&”