Multiple game objects playing DIFFERENT animations with a simple Mouse Over/Button Hover?

Hello all!

I am trying to build an experimental UI, and I am having trouble with animating multiple game objects with a single object’s animation clip. What I mean exactly is this: I want to hover my mouse cursor over a single button object, and I want not only the button itself to animate, but several other surrounding game objects as well, with different animations (as if they are reacting to the button’s animation).

In context with this first image:

In the center is a large ring, with white circles spaced around it. These white circles are each a button. What I want to happen is when I hover my cursor above any button along this ring (the top most circle, for example), that button will scale in size. I can do this easily enough, but what I cannot figure out how to accomplish is to simultaneously animate the surrounding circles along the ring so that they slide along the ring, in order to make room for the top button’s larger size. I want all of this to happen with the act of hovering the cursor over the top button (And similarly, every button along the ring). Does this make sense?

I realize the difference is minute, but it should look something like this:

This seems very simple, but I cannot find anything on any forum that relates to this problem.

This would be very similar to a Weapon Wheel GUI (after further searching, I came across this terminology)!!!