Multiple Game Tabs With Different Cameras

I want to have two Game tabs in the Unity editor, each rendering from a different camera.

How can I do this?

Here you go. I just made an editorwindow which can show any camera in the scene. However due to some “bad behaviour” of the editor when it comes to rendering cameras in EditorWindows, the size of the camera view is restricted to the actual SceneView size. If you simply add another sceneView as tab to the same view area it should view properly since the SceneView would scale with your custom view.

Furthermore the editor seems to add some kind of clipping to the bottom of the Rect which i haven’t managed to remove (it’s about the size of the windows titlebar). It also seems to be related to the actual GameView size.

At least that’s the closest you can get ^^. Keep in mind that it’s just a view and not a real GameView. So you can’t play your game inside that window. The GameView represents your actual game. Inside the GameView all cameras are actually drawn if they are active. If you don’t have a split-screen setup of your cameras or one has clearflags set to depth only or none you always see the last camera drawn since it overdraws what the first one has drawn.

Resurrecting this thread because I found out that nowadays (Unity 5.4) you can open extra Game windows by right-clicking on an Inspector Tab and choose Add Tab>Game. You can set this Tab to another Display (and thus Camera).

(Still has some problems with focus though…)