Multiple Instances of AI

I’ve read the top 30 Unity3d posts on this subject and am still a bit at a loss. I have written a FSM AI that does everything I want it to and it works great (it’s attached to the creature GameObject). My question is how do I go about using it on multiple creatures at the same time?

Assume we are speaking about the same type of creature. Assume I understand how to find, load and cycle through creature GameObjects using arrays. While I have not instantiated the creatures yet, I understand that I will have to as part of this. I havent created the spawner yet, but that will be easy. My question is more about the context. Do I keep the AI script attached to the creature or put it on the spawner or neither? Could someone summarize the steps for this method?

Thank you

Nothing is written in stone, but I’ve never seen an AI script posted to this list that was attached to anything but the AI game object (or some child). Typically you would create a prefab game object with the script attached, so the script would be a component of the AI when you Instantiated the AI from the prefab. You could dynamically add the script in the spawner instead using GameObject.AddComponent(), but I don’t see the need.