Multiple iTween MoveTo's

Hi, I'm trying to simulate a simple bottle bobbing in the water. The bottle is loop moving left and right over a course of let's say 15 seconds. During this time I want the bottle to bob up and down 2 or 3 times as it moves across the screen. When using iTween it seems to only register one iTween moveTo call on an object. Is this correct or did I mess this up? Is there another way to achieve this with iTween or is this gonna have to be done with code? Thx.

You are doing things right.

iTween is meant to move one piece of an object's transform at a time since Unity requires an object's X,Y,Z all be set at the same time. To pull off the effect you want simply put your bottle in an empty game object, put a MoveTo on the bottle and this new holder -- one to move left and right and one for up and down.

Good luck.