Multiple lights problem on a single sprite.

I am currently working on a little project using some sample assets just to keep training.
It is a 2D project. I have a little scene with some platforms and some lights. I wanted this place to be quite dark, and have some areas with lights. Basically , I have a little corridor place where I want to add in some lights. It looks just like this right now in the scene view.

This is what I want my corridor to look like. My character also has a radius around him that helps the player seeing around even though he is in complete darkness.
Now this is what happens when i play the game and get close to this corridor.

But when I get my players’s light Radius inside the red light’s radius…

This happens.

If I could use more attachments I would be able to show it in more details.

I don’t understand why this happens. But if you do I would gladly accept any information about this issue I’m having right now. Also, these lights are actually all point lights with a radius to light up a certain area on the sprites.

I am willing to send more pictures to help you understand the situation, but it won’t let me add more than 2 attachments.

I think that when the red light comes in contact with the light surrounding the character, it suddenly lights up the whole sprite that is used for those platforms, but I don’t know what I can do about this.

Also, if anyone knows a way to easily use lights in a 2D environment I would gladly like to read about it. Thank you in advance.

PS: This problem only happens when there is more than 1 red light on the same sprites.

I figured it out myself, All I had to do was to change the render mode of my lights from “Auto” to “Important”.