Multiple meshes with on skeleton

I have come across a repeatable bug with my rigged characters,. If we have one skeleton but multiple meshes skinned to it, in MR mode only one of the meshes will render. so e.g. a Head and Body mesh, only the Body is rendered in simulator (I assume the same on actual hardware, we get ours next week).

Been able to work around it to some extent by combining the meshes on spawn which is not going to be ideal as we have blend shapes on the head mesh for facial animation. Due to blend shapes not being supported (Skinned Mesh with blendshapes not showing on build/simulator - #8 by DanielTJones) we do know we need to work around this but it is made harder with a combined mesh.


For clarifications’ sake, is this a situation where you have multiple skinned meshes (eye, head, body) all referencing the same set of transforms as bones? In theory, this should work fine, but there might be something else preventing rendering. Can you verify that this rig was not imported with Optimize Game Objects ticked true?

If that is ticked false, can you submit a bug report and a repro project? That would make it much easier to narrow down on what might be going on.

Hi yes I can confirm we are not optimising the game objects. I have pushed a bug report with a repro project (IN-63537). I’ve tried a number of things in this repo including adding extra bones as a child of the root etc.

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