Multiple Multiplayer Games on iOS

Hey Guys, I am new to the Unity, I am creating a 2D Turn based Game, So far I have Implemented Multi-player using U3Dxt Plugin, Now I want users to play multiple games at a time , they can see a Menu of active and Completed Games. select one of the Option smoothly transit to the Game… Take the Letterpress Example.

how do I get all matches Details using U3Dxt,(active, your turn/not…) ?

Hi, please take a look at Assets/U3DXT/Examples/gamekit/AdLibs and gamekit7/GKMeeting examples. GKMeeting uses real-time multiplayer so players can play a game at the same time. AdLibs uses turn-based multiplayer so one player can take a turn, and other players can take their turn at a later time, much like chess. These are good starting points and give good reference for you to adopt in your game.

To get all your matches (I assume you mean turn-based matches), you can use the TurnBasedMatchesController.LoadAllMyMatches() method ( It returns an array of TurnBasedMatch, which you can get more info on them.

Hope this helps.