Multiple Nav Mesh in same scene?

I have a scene in which I have built 3 areas (they exist in same scene over the top of each other with one active and others deactivated.

I have 3 AI’s in the scene using nav mesh to navigate around.

I have trggers set up so that when the player enters the trigger it hides one area and makes another active eg: player enters lava cave trigger > forest area setactive(false) > lava setactive(true)

Is it possible to have different nav meshes for each areas geometry? I was looking at layers but I don’t know how I would tell unity to use a specific layer when an area is active, if this is even possible?

Yes Yes. This is totally doable.

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish though with 3 overlapping navmeshes, only one of which you want active at a time. If you are having different navmeshes for different AgentTypes, they can all actively exist at the same time, you don’t need to deactivate all but one. Just keep the AgentTypes different. If you are using NavMeshLink you’ll need a link for each AgentType as well.

Good Luck!