Multiple occlusion set per scene?

Hi all, I wasn’t able to find any question asking about this, basically we have a small sparse city scene, and some very enclosed indoor areas. E.g a small room with a window. We have 2 camera, one of which is within the room and one which is roaming the city. Now with occlusion culling baked for sparser voxels, works better for the outdoor’s camera, however the sparse occlusion set does not work well inside the room, the overdraw from the city is never removed because the room is smaller than the voxel sizes.

If I bake the occlusion set with very dense voxels, the room occludes the outside city, however outside the room, occlusion query actually lowers the FPS because the CPU time consumed to traverse the occlusion set is more than what is saved by culling.

So my question is if there is a way to switch between occlusion sets? I.E bake multiple OC data and choose which to cull the camera against?


Occlusion Portals around the whole room

Thanks for the quick response IgorAherne, seems like little documentation exist on how to set it up. I’ll rig up a test scene and see whether i can figure it out.