Multiple OnTriggerEnter in one script

I have multiple triggers in one gameObject, and would like them to trigger separately.
I have no Idea how to do this… :-p

I have a script:

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {
	if(DamCtrl.prevSpeed >= 5){
		dam1.renderer.enabled = true;
		cri1.renderer.enabled = false;

but I’ll need more of the same functions. It’d be great if I could find which object the collider is attached to (to put in an if statement), as I don’t want tags…


You can have each collider to be attached to different empty game objects. Then all are attached to a root game object. Assigning unique index to each you can know which is colliding.
Then you have a dictionary to figure out which object is which

function OnTriggerEnter(){
    transform.root.SendMessage("CollisionDetected", index);

then on the root object

function CollisionDetected(ind:int){
    var obj  = dictionary[ind];

Then you know what object is calling.Well I do not know exactly what you plan on doing but maybe that will give you a lead.