Multiple point lights but only 1 is being as intense as it should be

I'm working on a project in the free version of Unity3 and I'm having a simple issue. I have 2 point lights about 70 units away from each other on the x axis they are both instances of a prefab. When I duplicate one instance or drag the prefab onto the hierarchy, one of the lights seems much dimmer than the other and it seems like I can only have 1 light as bright as I want it to look in the editor. I'm not sure whats going on here. can anyone shed some light on this situation?

increase the pixel light count in the quality settings.

I would suggest you look at the render mode for you lights and set them all to important, that way the renderer will always have them operate correctly. With auto or not important, some(or all) of the lights will dim when an important light source is nearby.