Multiple questions on making an FPS

I am the creator of Dislocated Games, a new game developing company whose main focus is to create their first game. I am completely new to Unity 3D and I’m currently seeking help on my first game, which will be an FPS. I ask any and all Unity users who have experience creating FPS games to please help me. The first question I have is: How do I import my custom models to Unity and then animate them to look realistic? Thanks all and every answer is appreciated! Just to let you guys know, I’m 12 years old, but I still think I can be successful in this development! Thanks!

I recommend going through this tutorial, it teaches you all the basics and if you can follow it you should be able to get the rest on your own.

[Unity3D FPS Tutorial][1]

It may help you…
Importing Assets

The are many youtube videos explaining how to get started with Unity.

Thanks for all the answers guys, but I have many more questions to ask (as said in the title) so if all of you could continue to post through this progression, I would appreciate your help greatly. My second question to ask would have to be: After the model is imported, given to the character, and animations are added, is there a way to add somewhat realistic hands to the player, and also a new character? You guys are absolutely awesome, and no there is no doubt in my mind that you are geniuses. @BeHappy! I started to watch the TechZone YouTuber. I can say that is and is not helpful in some ways, but thank you for directing me to him. Also, thank you for the encouraging support! Soon I may start my own YouTube channel to show the progress of the game. Check it out if you feel like it (although it might not be up for a while, do to the fact that I have much to learn, also: all helpful people that help will be given the Beta Pistol used for testing with a special load out of your choice, if I can figure out how :p) . And once again thank you all!

Am also pretty new to the gaming development…you can read this book(mentioned in the answer section) which will be of very useful to get started with Unity…!!

Give a try, FPS and Gaming Terms

Hope you will find it better in some way…