Multiple Rich Text Not Working

I am currently working on a inventory system for my game. I have a text to show all the stats of the item that I’m hovering over with my mouse. I want to change the color, bold, size between the title and the description. Since everything is on the same string, I’m using the Rich Text. Redirect to... title of new-page

Everything fine if I only use on between the title and the description.

data = "<b>" + item.Title + "</b>" + item.Description;

But When I use two of them it doesn’t work.

data = "<b><size=16>" + item.Title + "</b></size>" + item.Description;

When I use two the text says: <b>Ammo</b>Description

I have Rich Text turned on in the inspector

You have not correctly nested your tags. You need to close the tags in reverse order.

"<b><size=16>" + item.Title + "</size></b>" + item.Description;

Just like in HTML