Multiple scenes loads to multiple clients and server can have a parallel view of each client scene ?

HI i am doing a POC(proof of concept).i have confused to implement one point. there are 4 players(stations), server need to assign 4 different types of terrain scenes. i guess its not a big deal based on playername i can send terrain name to each player, but the thing is server also can watch their view from his system, like a parallel view in his window.

Initially i thought to go with windows
forms. so that i can inject webplayer
in it(like embedded into form) so i
thought may be through TCP/IP
communication i can switch the scenes
but 2017 there is no webplayer n it
reduces quality.

Please give me ideas on this.
any help can use full to me. i am very good in legacy networking in unity3d but im not much into UNET.

I’m interpreting “parallel view“ as network synchronised gameobjects, as sending 4 camera view steams are out of my knowledge range.
on the server, I would load one terrain per player, visible to one camera each, reduced in viewport to a quarter of the screen (results in 4 player split screen). this works probably best with SceneManagement.LoadLevel and additive load mode.
for the clients, they would need to load their additive terrain map according to identifier (name).
UNET is basically perfect for this simple task. a networkmanager with the corresponding HUD component is basically enough to get those connected. assigning a player gameobject with networkvidentity and one script results in a network aware instance spawned from each player on each machine. in there you have OnStartServer and OnStartClient. in there you can handle the levelloading.
read about UNET, it’s not too hard to start with as a lot works out of the box.