multiple scenes or one?

Im a bit new, so i want to create games as good as possible like it should be. I’m currently making a game which only uses the canvas. I use different scenes, with in every scene a canvas with different children.(compared to the other scenes) Now i wondered, what is better for performance, or what is just better in general. Using 1 scene with a canvas that has everything as a child, and just disabled/enabled childs, depending on what you want to show/use. Or using different scenes with each a canvas that has the necessary things for that scene(part of the game). Or doesn’t it really matter?

Having everything in one scene will use more of your RAM and CPU than having multiple scenes; So it will run slower however the difference is probably negligible but that depends on how many canvases you would need for the one scene option. Having more than one scene means that the project may take up more hard drive space. You can always use the Unity Profiler to see how much of your RAM, GPU, and CPU the program is using.

Edit: @seandolan is right. One scene is probably the way to go. As I said, the difference is probably negligible.

Unity’s systems are designed to scale from very simple games to very complex games. The canvas is meant to be used primarily for user interaction rather than game play. If the game is like a quiz or something where graphics aren’t being used then you can just use the canvas for buttons and clickable images, etc. If you are animating a character on a canvas, you are better off looking at how to develop a 2d game with Unity.

If your game is actually just a User Interface then it should not really need much to it. So scenes shouldn’t be required really. Basically if your game is big enough to need scenes, it’s already too big to just be using the canvas.