Multiple Scenes with different Terrain - need help

Hello all i need help :slight_smile:

Iam new to unity and i have this question:

I have 10 Scenes - Level 1,2,3 … I want for each one a different Terrain.

I know that this is the way:
Select your Terrain game object in your Scene.
In the inspector, find your Terrain Collider by clicking on the prefab assigned to “Terrain Data”
In the Project folder, left-click on the highlighted Terrain Data prefab that just blinked at you.
Press Ctrl-D to Duplicate it.
Drag the duplicate into your scene (it will create a new terrain prefab for you)
Congratulations! You have a unique terrain you can adjust, paint, edit without affecting the original!

But now i have two terrains activated in one scene but i only want one terrain on a scene.

Can someone help me :confused: ?

Thank you


i am new too and don t know if that is right but you can deselect it like all game objects or deselect it via script.