Multiple server in a single machine

Hi, I have a server structure that allows me to run multiple games in a single server instance. However, I have heard that it is possible to run multiple servers on a single machine instance. The main reason I chose a structure that allows me to run multiple games is because of pricing. Initially, I thought that every machine runs only a single server. If I'm correct, I will change my server structure to run one game per instance, and Multiplay will decide based on the limits I set for the server how much server a single machine can handle. Then I will be charged based on the consumption of that single machine, right?

Our platform can only run ONE game per UGS project, but it can run multiple instances of the same game server executable on one machine.This is called server density, and it varies on your game server performance. You can also run multiple different game modes based with the same server (see build configuration and allocation), so you have a lot of flexibility here.

Costs are indeed determined by consumption.

I know it can run multiple instances of same game server but my server structure allows game server to handle multiple matches simultaneously. So here is what I needed. I want to create a server and run on a single machine then if that machine density is low, I want other matched players to join existing server and create another match. Is it possible and wise? I have this kind of structure for game server because of less consumption.