Multiple Timelines

I’m experimenting with creating Timelines and I’m trying to sort out one thing. What’s the best approach when making multiple timelines for game object (for example: generator opening sequence, generator closing sequence) is it better to have one director and multiple timelines chosed by script or multiple directors with one timeline each? What are pros and cons of those methods?

I would suggest using multiple directors with a timeline each. Some of the pros of this method would be:

Each timeline can be entirely built and previewed by content creators with no extra scripts.

Each timeline will have their own playback settings (which clock drives it, loop settings, etc…)

Multiple playable directors can play the same timeline with different bindings/settings.

You can play multiple timelines simultaneously. Animation tracks can even ease in from a previous timeline, so a previous timeline doesn’t have to be complete for a new one to start.

The main con to that approach is the requirement of extra game objects to store additional playable directors.