Multiple touch screens, but only the primary touch screen receives touch input.

I have three touch screen monitors connected to my computer that is running my unity app. For the app, I have a main scene loaded by default onto the primary display (center) and third display (right), and another scene that is loaded in as an additive onto the second display (left). The cameras in each scene have a script attached that listens for touch input (Input.touchCount). If the Input.touchCount is greater than 0, then some action will be performed. However, I am only getting Input.touchCount values when I am make touch inputs on the primary display. When I make touch inputs on the second display or the third display, the Input.touchCount is always 0. I can still tap on any UI elements, but its not registered as a touch input because the Input.touchCount is 0. The only time Input.touchCount is greater than 0 is when I interact with the primary display only.

Did you find a solution? @al-hy