Multiple transform.Translates to one statement

Hey guys, sorry, every time I try and search the forum I get a cannot find. Think the search functions playing up.
I’m having some trouble with having multiple transforms in one statement.
Here is the snip;
else if (Input.GetKey("w")) { if (Input.GetKey("s")) { transform.Translate (Vector3.forward * Time.deltaTime); transform.Translate (Vector3.left * Time.deltaTime); } }

The desired outcome is a diagonal movement. I realize this is probably a missing symbol somewhere, but the console is throwing no errors at me, and after twenty minutes of googling, I’m stumped.
Please help :slight_smile:
//beginner problems

The answer to this one was in the rest of the code. Like a noob, I used “else if” for the singular movements. It was choosing one or the other, not all. Solution found.

Original code: pls help -

Patched code: using UnityEngine;using System.Collections;public class PlayerContro -