Multiple Triangulation Problem

I am using these scripts from GitHub - mattatz/unity-triangulation2D: Ruppert's Delaunay Refinement Algorithm in Unity as in the example but I need to have my mesh split into more triangles if there is any way to perform that easily using that repo, have you ever tried to do that

Triangulators generally try to find the best solution and therefore the least amount of triangles. With the mesh refinement they additionally split triangles and add vertices to avoid too small angles in the triangles so you get an optimal mesh that represents your initial contour. If you want a higher subdivision, you can always subdivide it afterwards. I posted a method for that over here. Note that the more advanced version that can do a 9 split as well is on pastebin.

Since UA is slowly dying, here’s a forum post of me showing the result and difference between Subdivide4 and 9 and how it handles shared vertices.