Multiple Triggers for Camera Movement

Hello, I need some help with some Triggers in a 2D platformer(I’m a new, this is one of my first games and my first 2D game).

I’m trying to make It so when the player collides with MoveCamera the camera moves and the game object becomes disabled and the MoveCamera2 becomes enabled. That works BUT the plan is that when the player collides with MoveCamera2 the camera moves back…(basically the opposite of the first collision).

What do I doooo… 0_0
Here are all the images:

screenshot of a code editor

// share code here

The code(In C#)
This may help.
If you need anything else then umm-comment what you need and I will provide it(maybe). And thanks.

Check which camera is active using camera.isActiveInHierarchy. If camera 1 was active, then disable it then move to camera 2. then vice versa