Multiple Volume Cameras in MR Bounded Mode

In order to reuse visionos’s dragging feature for different assets in one scene, is possible to create multiple Volume Cameras in MR Bounded Mode?

Hi! I was wondering if you’ve found a solution for this yet? :slight_smile:

It’s not possible in current phase based on Unity feedback.
We hv switched to unbounded mode and allow user to place multiple assets.

@bamboounity (sorry if I tagged you multiple times, it’s my first time using these forums!)

I gotcha, thank you! I saw a comment about it in the console today.

When I switch to unbounded though (I can’t quite remember, I’m not near my mac right now) I think the passthrough stops functioning, or the whole project disappears and it’s just passthrough-- do you have any resources for using unbounded?

I am following the setting in 1.0.3 template(Scene: SampleSceneUnbounded), it works well