Multiples x360 controller

Hey there !

I’m currently discovering the Input/Joystick part of Unity. Especially with x360 controllers (multiples controllers !). I browsed unity answers and the forum for some answers on how to work best but some questions remains.

What I got is that you have a specific mapping of the controller :

You have to be specific on which controller you want to use in the “positive button” field :

And there are no easy wait to handle 2+ controllers …

What I can’t find out is how to get Axis from the 2+ controllers ?
I have :

Type > Joystick Axis,
Axis > whatever axis,
Joy Num > Joystick 2,

and it’s not working …
Any idea(s) ?

Thanks !

In the end I’ll have :
4 x 4 x n controllers of axis input |
12 x n controllers of XYBA, start, trigger, etc buttons |
in the Input manager list …

I think the Unity team can improve on that :wink:

Obviously strange behaviour from Unity. The problem came from the fact that when I plugged my controller Windows (7) installed drivers.

After a reboot everything is back to normal with the joystick Ids.