Multiplying a string

Hi,guys after all my recent post (sorry there were so many) i managed to bring it all down to only 1 error.Now i dont know how to multiply a string like exptolevel is 1000 how do i multiply that string to 2000?thanks

If you are going to use a string of numbers for operations you are better of making it an int or float.

Most variable types in unity (all derived form object) have a method to convert them to strings called .ToString()

Like this:

int exptolevel = 1000;

//Here you use the method obj.ToString() to display
void display()
 //lets imagine you are using GUILayout.Label
 //this changes the int exptolevel to a string for this funcion only
//now we can do math with the variable as normal
exptolevel += 1000;