multirace game

Hi all.
I’m designing a game that requires multiple races in an event.
I wanna start with a qualifying then have those positions set the grid for a race then have a race which
Positions set the grid for a feature race. Except I have no idea on where to starti have my car and track all working in game and I’m starting to experiment with ai. My idea would be that have it as a multi level game but I don’t know how you could export the data from previous races to set the grid for the next race

You could probably use an empty game object with DontDestroyOnLoad with a script on it to store your place/grid variables after each race and then draw them back out and assign them when the next race starts. Or have all of your racers set to not destroy on load, then at the end of the qualifying race have them store their finishing position as their next starting position. Or with PlayerPrefs somehow.