Multithreading Windows Store

Since await/async are not available since Unity uses .NET 3.5, and Windows Store does not support multithreading, how can I run code in a background thread? I am writing a networking framework, and am trying to handle messages in a background thread.

For windows store you could create a dll doing that you could use Async Await in your dll

It is a bit convoluted though because last time i checked to avoid compile time and JIT errors in the editor, you need to have two versions of the same dll, one for the editor only implementing the interface, the other for the store with the actual functionality (the one for the editor must be .Net 3.5 the other one can be whatever version runs on the target platform or even Native)

That is the technique i used for windows phone probably it is exactly the same for windows store :

I cant wait for windows 10 apps and the UAP architechture (hoping unity gets on the wagon)