multitouch on desktop possible

I’m trying to find a solution for multitouch on a desktop for mac or windows. I have a dell p2314T touch screen.

On Windows. Multitouch works in paint(the program that comes with windows) but does not work in unity.There are some plugins in the unity store for windows but they don’t seem to work or have been discontinued. I’ve downloaded one and had to return it, and another the demo does not work.

On mac some people claimed that OS X Yosemite beta had multitouch but I have Yosemite non beta and it does not work.

There is also a high priced thing called touch-base which wants 190 dollars to do multitouch on a mac.

Does anybody have a workable solution for either mac or windows for multitouch on a desktop?

MultiTouch was supported on Windows 7, as it seems to be on 8/8.1. I am unsure how far Unity support goes for touch on Win/Mac.

You may need to install a separate driver or Utility to utilise the function.

Use this!