Multitouch on Windows 7?

Windows 7 has support for multitouch monitors. Is it possible to use Unity to create multitouch applications for Windows 7? If not, will this be added to Unity 3.0?

I'm not a big Windows expert, but aren't touch screens just another way for mouse input? Maybe Unity doesn't support it directly, but by possibly looking at other developer resources for multitouch in windows you might be able to script your own (or get someone else to) write an addon or extension of some sort for Unity to support multitouch. Look around the MS developer network (MSDN) for some info about multitouch in windows and look at some existing unity extensions and see if something can be figured out. :)

As far as I know, the only two ways to currently support win7 multitouch are :

1 - external resident app, a service or an application running in parallel of your main Unity app, receiving touches and sending them to the main app through TCP/remoting/etc.

2 - a c++ DLL.

There is no win7 multitouch support by default in Unity 2.6+ so that also means that you'll have to create your own class to handle GUI interaction, gestures, etc.

Hope this helps.

Wow, seriously! Nobody has seen this? This group has made scripts that interact with tuio and the many touchlib libraries out there. Register on the site and the files and videos are all there. Works out of the box cause these are Unity projects that even has mouse support.

Thank powerscombined ~

Looks like this feature was added in release 3.4

If you are still interested in multitouch in Windows 7, we have released a native solution, which does not requires TUIO or any other external program.

To @Robert Kent , iOS and Android use different languages.

Why isn't there a cross platform multitouch library? I should be able to take an iPhone/iPad game and compile it to run on Windows 7 or Android with no changes to the code.

Is the iPhone library proprietary? Then give us an open alternative.