multiTouch problem when fingers close together (Bug?)


I have a problem, where I don’t really know an answer.

I’m working on a pinch mechanic which works good so far but has one big problem. As soon as I move both fingers very close together, unity is thinking I’m lifting one of the fingers for a couple frames. The result of this is, Unity is switching the fingerIds … and this results in a lot of problems for me :frowning:

It is not a problem of the Built in TouchPhases.

It is even happening with this simple code:

function Update () {
	if ( Input.touchCount < 2 ) {
		Debug.Log( "One Finger lifted"+Time.time );

Does anyone know this problem and a solution for this?
I searched a lot for similar problems but I wasn’t able to find something :\

This might not be a real solution, but in case you are using Android, check the developer settings, there is a “Show Pointer Location” that makes system input visible… this way you can find out if its Unity’s or device’s problem.

Show Pointer Location