Muse 15 day trial not working

I signed up to the 15 day trial of Muse and I see this message when I try to access it inside Unity. When I click the Join button it is trying to make me pay for it.

Can I assume my 15 day trial hasn’t started yet?
If not then I’m just going to cancel and wait until you have a working product.

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Same thing happening to me.
but what is that I see you have is that a app to use Muse?

Hi, did you assign your subscription seat?


Thank you @LeonhardP, that worked.

If you are member of multiple organizations or teams, it’s possible that your Muse profile is pointing to another org than the one that is subscribed. So also check this if you’re still not able to access Muse after assigning the subscription seat. To switch your org, click on the User Profile/Avatar on the top right of the menu and then the “Organization” link.