Muse Behavior 0.10 is out! Changelog inside

Hey all,

I’m pleased to announce that Muse Behavior 0.10 is out!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or issues. There are a few known issues I’ve added at the bottom of this list. Note that some of them are missing from the embedded changelog.

Please note, if you’re using Branching Condition, Repeat While, or Conditional Guards nodes, back up your graphs before upgrading! They should now change to use the new multiple condition nodes, and it should be a smooth transition where you just need to add the compare condition to the node, but better safe than sorry!

[0.10.0] - 2024-06-13


  • Documentation. Documentation!!! Rejoice!


  • BlackboardVariable will only invoke its OnValueChanged callback if the value has changed. This also fixes situatiosn where the Variable Value Changed Condition was called when the same value was set.

  • BehaviorGraphAgent is now public instead of internal when Netcode For GameObjects is included.

  • Abort/Restart nodes inspector label is fixed to correctly say “Restarts if”/“Aborts if” depending on the node type.

  • Dragging a node within a sequence won’t move it if the insertion is where the node already is.

  • Improve edge rendering when the end point is above the start point.

  • Warnings with regard to UI Toolkit attributes in Unity 6.


  • Conditional nodes (Conditional Guard, Conditional Branch & Repeat While Condition) will now accept custom conditions, and multiple conditions can be added on the nodes.

  • Reduced impact on build size by over ~100 MB by removing assets from Resource folders.

  • Add Node window title will be “Add Node” instead of Root when at the root option.

  • Dragging items into a sequence will sort them by order on the graph, not selection order.

  • Rename the Node Inspector title from “Inspector” to “Node Inspector”.

  • Story text fields on Modifier and Sequencing node wizards are now optional.

  • Added more documentation.

Known Issues

  • Graph Editor performance can be slow when there are a lot of nodes.
  • Sometimes after dragging a node in and out of a sequence it won’t be sequenceable and edges won’t connect to it. Re-opening the asset seems to fix it.
  • Undo/Redo often causes exceptions.
  • Edge rendering has a bit of a snap when moving the lower node above the top node. Needs to be smoothed out.
  • Dragging multiple nodes out of a sequence sometimes causes them to be on top of each other.
  • Editor window does not react to asset name changes until the window is reopened.
  • When creating a new node (i.e. Action, Modifier, Sequencing/Flow), the dialog does not immediately focus the “Name” input field, nor does it automatically focus the “Story” input field.
  • Graph Asset gets serialized with minor changes even when no changes were made.

I’m hopeful most of the stability issues have been knocked out now, but undo/redo is still a bit finicky and we need to do a lot of work on serialization to improve things. I’m hopeful this will be done in July.

Please contact me with any issues so I can try and get them resolved asap :slight_smile:

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Hi! Thank you for the update.

I want to report a problem though:

When you assign an Enum var to the new nodes (Conditional Guard, Conditional Branch & Repeat While Condition) and to other older nodes that allow an Enum value comparison (for example, the abort node), sometimes it won’t allow you to change the value inside the Enum you are comparing to. In this example, with this simple configuration, it won’t let me set anything other than “Idle” in any of the conditions.

You click, the value briefly changes, but then it sets it back to Idle. There are times, under different circumstances, that it lets you change the value, but I don’t know exactly when. However, if you did manage to change it, as soon as you close the graph and open it again, the values of the conditions will be reset to Idle again.

Hi @DiegoRuizValenciano ! Thank you for letting me know. I’ll look into it asap and try to get a fix today or Monday!

Hi @DiegoRuizValenciano ,

I’ve submitted a fix and I’m getting the next version out for you. It should be public within 30-60 minutes. Thanks again for reporting and please let me know if there is anything else! :slight_smile:

Hi @DiegoRuizValenciano , 0.10.1 is out with the fix :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: that was fast, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ohhhhh thanks for the documentation!

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Finally!!! :slight_smile: There will be more to come, it’s a start!

I’m sorry, but where can I find the documentation?

Hi @DiegoRuizValenciano , you can find it here: