Muse Behavior 0.6.2 is out!

Hey all,

We’ve released Muse Behavior 0.6.2! I didn’t post about 0.6.0 so we can get some feedback first, but it’s packed with changes.

First you’ll notice the entire UI has been changed to look more like what you’d expect inside the editor!

We’ve also added support for List variables and updated some of the pre-made nodes to use them.

You’ll also see quite a few quality of life improvements all around. Below is the full changelog for these versions:

[0.6.2] - 2024-03-20


  • Allow drag and drop of variables from the Blackboard onto compatible Node fields (Unity versions 2023.2+ only).


  • MoveTo actions: Improved stopping distance to take colliders into account and avoid situations navigation can’t end.


  • Selecting a new node to be added after pressing the space key will add the node to the end of a sequence if one is selected.

[0.6.1] - 2024-03-18


  • SearchView: Returning in navigation will correctly select the previous node you entered.

  • Move To Target node should correctly update the Nav Mesh’s destination if the target moved.

  • Fixed an exception related to event nodes.

[0.6.0] - 2024-03-15


  • Added PlaceholderActionNodes

  • Added creating Placeholder nodes for missing actions when generating a branch with AI

  • Added PlaceholderActionNodes widget and navigation

  • List variable support.

  • Added a OnValueChanged callback for Blackboard variable value changes.

  • When connecting an edge, escape key will cancel the edge drag.

  • Node creation wizards will now show Vector4 in the dropdowns options.

  • Behavior Agent Inspector: Right click context menu to reset variables with an override.

  • Allow drag and drop asset to the Muse Behavior Graph field in the inspector.

  • Allow drag and drop asset on a GameObject in the hierarchy, adding the BehaviorAgent if needed.

  • Allow drag and drop asset on a GameObject inspector space, adding the BehaviorAgent if needed.


  • Sticky node changes should register for serialisation correctly.

  • Dragging a node onto another to create a sequence should correctly maintain output connections.

  • Dragging a node or sequence onto an existing sequence, connections should be maintained where possible.

  • Search window keyboard controls and arrow navigation should work as expected.

  • Blackboard variables on agent that haven’t been overwritten should update to new value.

  • After deleting an edge, undo correctly restores the link between the UI and asset data, preventing phantom edges.

  • Fixed LinkFields not updating their fields values reliably on undo-redo.


  • Area selection will now select edges.

  • Duplicating and pasting nodes will select the duplicated nodes.

  • Overwritten variables on the agent will show an ‘(Override)’ label.