Muse Behavior and NGO Compile Issue

In BehaviorGraphAgent.cs it overrides an “OnSpawn()” and “OnDestroy()” method from NetworkBehaviour setting both overrides to internal when they are originally public causing a compilation issue. I tried manually just changing the access modifier but that did not work and it also automatically changed it back.

Thank you for any help you may provide.

Hi Spartan! I’m sorry about this, we must’ve missed it with some of our automated tool to change some things to internal. I’ll have it changed and try to get an updated package asap!

Edit: I’ve updated the methods access internally and I’m working with release management to get you the update

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Thank you for your quick response and action. I look forward to seeing the update rolled out!

Hi @Spartan36633, I’ve prepared the package for release but I’m waiting on release management. I apologise for the delay, as you may have heard there is a lot going at Unity right now and it’s affecting the process.

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I have heard. It’s okay! Luckily I’m not in a stage in my project where I need it. I mostly just wanted to test it and play around with it but I am more than fine with waiting. Thank you for keeping me updated!

Hi @Spartan36633 , I’m so sorry I forgot to reply here! We’ve released 0.5.8 which should resolve your issue. Can you please let me know if any issue remains?

~ Shanee