Muse Behavior - Compared to Other Products

Just taking a pulse check on com.unity.muse.behavior; at this point in time, is that a viable alternative to other products current out there (e.g., NodeCanvas)? I am just getting started with behavioral trees and am just taking a pulse check if I should start with the Unity product or purchase something else.

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Hey @thubbardnd , I’m the lead on Muse Behavior. I can’t personally tell you how it compares to NodeCanvas as I haven’t tried it, but I will say I originally started Muse Behavior to use in my own personal game dev projects and I’m super excited for it.

It’s probably not as fully featured as other tools yet, and might still have some bugs we haven’t found, hence the “experimental” release. That said, I do think it has some unique UI/UX patterns that make it really nice to use, such as the readability and the ability to quickly generate actions boilerplate from a description (does not require Muse subscription).

I’d love to see you try it and share any feedback you have so we can make it better! That said, I’ll fully understand if you choose to go with something that was released for a while and more throughly tested :slight_smile:

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This is super helpful, thanks for writing back. I think I’ll try it. I’ve been moving everything over to Unity products (e.g., NetCode for GameObjects) and find that it’s been paying off. Thank you!

Please do send me feedback to look at, I want to learn what we’re doing well and where we can improve and what’s needed to make the best behavior tree tool out there :slight_smile:

Also use source control in case anything goes wrong :sweat_smile:

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