Muse Behavior fixes coming soon!

Hey all,

First I want to apologise for the delay! I know some of you are waiting for fixes and things were a bit chaotic internally lately.

I’m hoping these will still land by the end of this week, but it might be early next week:

  • Fix for WebGL builds (done internally)
  • Fix for Android with code stripping (Hopefully nearly done!)
  • Some users can’t access the generative capabilities (done internally)
  • Run In Parallel Until Any Complete + Wait For Any not working correctly (Work in progress)

We’re also working on a few new features we’re excited to get to you very soon!

  • BlackboardVariable List support
  • Explicit Abort nodes (this is a big one and will take a while!)
  • Runtime Graph Serialisation for Save/Load
  • Dynamic Graph Call Nodes (i.e. a node that can call a graph dynamically according to variable set)

If there is anything you want to see please let us know! We’re always looking for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hey @ShaneeNishry

Is there any update on this?

Hi @DutchRose-Jochem. We’re just wrapping up the fix for Android, after which point we’ll push out the new version. I’m hoping to have it out within the week.

Hey all! Sorry for my delayed response, I just returned from a vacation :slight_smile:

@TrevorUnity tells me we’re waiting on release management and should hopefully have the version out tomorrow!

Hey all, my apologies but we’re hitting problems with the release toolchain and have to wait on release management. We’ve got plenty of fixes ready and I hope we can get them to you tomorrow.

The new version is finally out! Sorry for the delay everyone.