Muse Behavior fixes coming soon!

Hey all,

First I want to apologise for the delay! I know some of you are waiting for fixes and things were a bit chaotic internally lately.

I’m hoping these will still land by the end of this week, but it might be early next week:

  • Fix for WebGL builds (done internally)
  • Fix for Android with code stripping (Hopefully nearly done!)
  • Some users can’t access the generative capabilities (done internally)
  • Run In Parallel Until Any Complete + Wait For Any not working correctly (Work in progress)

We’re also working on a few new features we’re excited to get to you very soon!

  • BlackboardVariable List support
  • Explicit Abort nodes (this is a big one and will take a while!)
  • Runtime Graph Serialisation for Save/Load
  • Dynamic Graph Call Nodes (i.e. a node that can call a graph dynamically according to variable set)

If there is anything you want to see please let us know! We’re always looking for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hey @ShaneeNishry

Is there any update on this?

Hi @DutchRose-Jochem. We’re just wrapping up the fix for Android, after which point we’ll push out the new version. I’m hoping to have it out within the week.