Muse Behavior namespace problem

Hi, I got this error after installing the Muse Behavior package. The system language of my computer is Turkish, and I guess the problem is that some Muse scripts use the letter “ı” instead of “i” as the first letter in their namespaces ( like “ınternal”) . I’m not an expert, it’s just a guess. I would be grateful if you could solve this problem. Thanks.

Hi @berkaynpc , is this Unity 6? It looks like a source gen error which I’ve been talking to the UI Toolkit team about, but I’m not sure. I spoke to them internally and they asked if you can open a bug report for it?

I’ve also noticed that sometimes removing an offending package and adding it again makes the source gen work correctly, which is a painful workaround. I hope they figure it out soon!

Also if you can share the editor log file I can send it to them!

No, it is 2022.3.18f1.

Here Editor.log file

thanks for your response.