Muse Behavior on Android works only when using minimal stripping

Muse behavior works on Android builds only when setting Managed Stripping Level to ‘minimal’. Could this be fixed as this increases build size quite a bit?

Hi @MasoInar , we’ll have a look! Thank you :slight_smile:

We’re also planning to reduce the binary size we’re increasing by separating it into multiple asmdefs. More on that soon I hope!

Hi @MasoInar , I believe we’ve found a fix. We’re testing to confirm and should hopefully get it out either in the next couple of days or early next week!

Very nice! I will test that myself too when you have fix released

Thank you!

It looks like it’s a bit more involved than we initially hoped so probably more like next week than this, but I’ll let you know! Trevor is on it :slight_smile: