Muse Behavior: Subgraphs user pain and upcoming work - Request for feedback!

Hey all,

We’ve heard multiple reports of problems with subgraphs. I’d like to use this thread to keep an up to date list for everyone and to suggest how we should approach it.

Please share your feedback and if we’ve missed anything in this thread! Also let us know if you think we can do better with the proposed fixes and share your ideas.

1. Graphs losing references to the subgraph randomly (usually after some asset is re-built).

This is a bug in our code. We’re changing how serialisation is done for our assets and this will be fixed as part of that.

2. Reference to incorrect subgraph asset due to duplicating a graph and the AssetID of the duplicated graph remains the same as the original asset.

This bug will be fixed without visible change to the UX.

3. Assigning a subgraph without a story causes a buggy story node.

Current suggestion: When you assign a subgraph without a story set, we should show a popup to guide you through making a story. If no story is set, we’ll create a blank story and you’ll only see the variables in the Node Inspector.

4. No clear indication of how to assign the subgraphs variables. (Users sometimes find they can link it through the Node Inspector)

There are a few ideas for solutions here and perhaps the best way to approach it is by doing all of them:

Show the subgraph’s variables in the main asset’s Blackboard.

This should make a pretty clear UX, but can cause issues with multiple nested subgraphs. We’ll have to examine it. It might also be confusing UX as you can currently link a subgraph variable to a main graph variable, essentially collapsing it into one. Design work needed.

Add an FTUE / Tutorial that guides the user to look into the Node Inspector

Explaining how subgraphs work with one of our in-tool tutorials should probably solve most of the issues here, however might still not be the best UX, although it’s cleaner than having all the subgraphs in the Blackboard. Perhaps having both is best, and being able to collapse subgraph categories in the blackboard?

5. Unclear API on how to set subgraphs variable values at runtime.

Here we probably need to clearly expose the blackboard variable IDs to give precise control. Right now you can see the variables by name using the API and it’ll set all the subgraphs variables with the same name, or if you linked variables together, setting the parent graph variable will also set the linked variables in the subgraph.

Perhaps also add a note in the UI on how it works and definitely improve documentation on subgraphs.

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I have only just noticed the little links next to the node inspector values let you click on them to show a dropdown next to it of all of graph’s variables of matching type. I was just writing to request similar behavior in a separate dialog, but having it build in to the node inspector makes sense. However, the link icon used didn’t scream ‘dropdown’ do me, so I thought you had to drag stuff in there, which was a little tedious. Perhaps adding a little ‘down arrow triangle’ type icon would make that clearer.

Furthermore it would also be nice to have a button next to the drop down if the graph has the same variable (with same name and type), so you could quickly click on the ones you want to ‘pass through’.