Muse Behaviour Animator

I’m managed a basic task of setting an animator parameter ‘Mode’ which uses the animal controller asset from the store to activate various animations by Mode I.D, I have the start node to play once but the behaviour appears to repeat. The animation just keeps playing a few frames then loops back around. Is there any more documentation for behaviour in regards to the animator especially.

Hi @AndyNeoman!

Could you please share a screenshot of the graph you have built? So we can get a bit more information about the structure of your behavior tree and the potential cause for the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Laura, as I’m just testing it’s simply setting an animator parameter. My use case will involve setting lots of animator parameters because of the asset/controller I am using so until I understand this feature I won’t be able to move forward.

Thanks for the reply @AndyNeoman!

The graph you have should indeed only run once. Have you tried debugging the graph to see if the node is actually repeating?

To go into Debug mode, you can click on the “Debug” button from the top bar, and select the agent object that you have attached the Behavior Graph Agent component to. After this, you can go to Play mode, and while your game is running you should see debug visualizations on the graph showing which nodes are being run currently. If the visualizations are not animating and looping between the nodes, the graph you have has finished running.

And just to double-check, the node you’re using here is one of the built-in Muse Behavior “Set Animator” nodes, and not a custom node?

@AndyNeoman Could you send a screenshot of your animator?
Have you double checked that the animation has “Looping” disabled ?
It is hard to say if the issues comes from Muse Behavior repeating or from the animation looping (or the state being re-entered).
Let us know :slight_smile:

Hi @AndyNeoman ,

I just wanted to double check, which node is this specifically? I’m not recognising the “Set Mode” in the story. Is this a custon one? If so, can you share the code to see if there is something wrong there?

Hi there, mode is an int parameter on my animator. It controls a lot of different actions on the animator, for example actions like sleep, eat, etc… all have different mode ID’s. It’s quite a complex animator setup using an asset on the asset store called Animal Controller. It has some excellent AI options already and my plan is to extend it’s functionality with Muse Behaviour.

It already works when used with the animal controller asset so I know the animator is setup o.k. I’m away from my dev machine currently but basically when Mode is set to different values certain animations are called. It might be caused by me switching between different systems to control the animator. What I will do next time I’m at the machine is use a clean animator just for testing Muse, that way it will isolate if the error is in my asset or Muse.

Ok, let us know! :slight_smile: